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DBQs demand usable and adept understanding of the material to be completed well, but can be approached with minimal knowledge whatsoever. Using only simple knowledge, a student can earn four points by providing a veritable thesis, and interpreting each document successfully.

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With context and specific historical evidence beyond given stimuli , a student can earn six points. For a perfect score of seven, a student must demonstrate adept knowledge or show maturity in their writing. Realistically speaking, a score of six is more than acceptable. When a student understands how to describe the document provided simple knowledge , understands how to use a stimulus to support their thesis usable knowledge , and can explain the document further adept knowledge , they are well-equipped to succeed in this portion.

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To explain a document, instructors suggest five factors HIPPO for a student to consider: historical context, intended audience, purpose, point of view, and outside evidence. For students with usable and adept knowledge of the material, HIPPO supplies the basis for writing their response; for student with simple knowledge, HIPPO creates a starting point in document analysis. A LEQ prompt will refer to a period and a theme or condition within the period, such as changes and continuities in immigration from in the United States.

To answer these questions, students must prepare in class. They should identify themes within each period, and specialize in a topic that may appear on the LEQ. Exposure to material invites absorption of the material. Simple, usable, and adept knowledge are shortcuts to understand the rigor and demands of each portion, but in-class participation is invaluable.

As students interact with classroom materials and activities, their repetitious exposure increases the likelihood of memorization. Moreover, a student can gauge their confidence and skill in a topic based on how they perform in the classroom setting. A student can pass the exam scoring a three by attending class and completing homework.

A student can fail on the exam by refusing to interact with the material, by skipping or missing classes, and by being ignorant to the lessons given by an instructor. A student can excel on the exam by refusing to be ignorant, by meeting the pace of the class and asking for assistance when needed, and by cultivating a genuine interest in the material.

It is with the student that success, or abject failure, will rest.

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