Robinson gallagher thesis

Latitudinal variations in biomass and metabolism of benthic infaunal communities.

Deciphering arctic climate in a past greenhouse world: Multi-proxy reconstructions of Pliocene climate. The effect of vertical mixing on along-channel transport in a layered flow. Climate-driven impacts of groundfish on food webs in the northern Bering Sea. The interation of physical and biological determinants producing vegetation zonation in tidal marshes of the San Francisco Bay Estuary, California, USA.

Ronald Robinson and John Gallagher

The biogeochemistry of cadmium and iron in the ocean: Uptake by marine phytoplankton. Temperature effects on consumer-resource species interactions: Integrating thermal physiology and community ecology.

Biological Sciences, Dartmouth United States , pp. Applications of chlorophyll a fluorescence to bio-optical models of phytoplankton biomass and productivity. Pattern in space and time of pelagic eggs of clupeoid fishes in the California Current Region.

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Effects of nitrogen additions on carbon and nitrogen cycling in two tropical forests. The biogeochemical cycling of methane in the surface ocean off southern California. Denitrification and oxygen consumption in bottom sediment of selected reservoirs. Molecular characterization of marine and terrestrial dissolved organic matter using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry.

Agricultural intensification in a mid-hill watershed of Nepal: socio-economic and environmental implications. Photochemical production of oceanic alkyl nitrates. Tropical climate variability from the last glacial maximum to the present. Fire, carbon, timber, and trees: three essays in natrual resource economics. Isolation of optical signatures of phytoplankton pigments in turbid productive waters: remote assessment of chlorophyll-a. Spatial and tempral heterogeneity in lotic systems: implications for defining reference conditions for macroinvertebrates.

Watershed biogeochemistry: Source, composition, processing and export of terrestrial organic matter from an agricultural watershed. Effects of enrichment on nutrient dynamics, phytoplankton dynamics and productivity in Indonesian tropical waters : a comparison between Jakarta Bay, Lampung Bay and Semangka Bay.

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Alpine treeline and climate warming: a multiscale study of pattern and process in southwest Yukon. Fire regime of the last climatic cycle of Western Europe: elationships with climate and Palaeolithic populations. Microcharcoal analysis reserved in marine cores. High resolution Antarctic glaciochemical climate proxy records and their global implications. Engineering , Kingsdale Universtiy United States , 59 pp.

A multi-proxy study of planktonic foraminifera to identify past millennial-scale climate variability in the East Asian Monsoon and the Western Pacific Warm Pool. Winter and spring phenology of Australian pome fruit in historical and future climates. Responses of zooplankton to variation in elemental composition of algae: Regulations at individual and ecosystem levels.

Analysis of the influence of water components on the spectral characteristics of the upward light field in the Baltic.

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On the effect of small-scale topography on dense plumes, with a special focus on the Filchner Overflow plume. Socio-economic conditions of oustees: A case study of Indravati hydel project. Climate change: Future scenario development and implications on agriculture for eastern India. Physics, Jadavpur University India , pp. Two-direction method on atmospheric correction in ocean color algorithm: Direct estimation of surface reflectance and aerosol optical thickness. Fisheries and long-term environmental change in the Black Sea. The role of bioenergy production in the terrestrial carbon cycle and energy balance.

Department of Earth Sciences, Univ. Reconstructed drought variability across Mongolia based on tree-ring records.

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  5. Nitrogen transformations in wetlands: Effects of water flow patternsIn this thesis, I have studied nitrogen turnover processes in watermeadows. A watermeadow is a wetland where water. Linking ecology and management of water quality: the distribution and growth of phytoplankton in coastal lakes of British Columbia. Temporal and spatial dynamics of a tidepool fish assemblage in San Diego, California.

    The exchange of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorusin dwarf and fringe mangroves of theoligotrophic southern Everglades. Effects of nutrients, temperature, and zooplankton grazing on toxic and non-toxic strains of the harmful cyanobacterium Microcystis spp. Numerical and theoretical investigations of North Pacific subtropical mode water with implications to Pacific Climate Variability.

    Graduate School of Oceanography, Univ. Plant responses to long-term in situ CO2 enrichment and soil warming at treeline in the Swiss Alps. Institute of Botany, University of Basel Switzerland , pp. Climate change vulnerability of the US Northeast ski sector: A multi-methods systems-based approach. Community-scale effects of climate warming on experimental grasslands of different species richness. Biology, University of Antwerp Belgium , pp. Dynamics in extracellular carbohydrate production by marine benthic diatoms. Persistence of benthic invertebrates in polluted sediments. Transport, preservation and accumulation of organic carbon in the North Sea.

    Availability effects of energetic, structural and protection resources on distribution and abundances of zooplanktonic cladocerans and copepods in Chilean lakes. Small-scale spatial distribution and swimming behavior of euphausiids in relation to visual predation risk. Ecophysiology and optical detection of harmful algal blooms. The mental demands of marine ecosystem-based management: A constructive developmental lens. Paleoclimatic reconstruction and evaluation of sub-centennial climate variability in the late Holocene using records from massive corals New Caledonia , tree-rings New Mexico and speleothems China.

    Agricultural pesticide runoff in tidal creeks: Effects on microbial food web communities. Plant soil feedbacks with changing vegetation structure and composition in a warming Arctic. Paleoecology of forest environments through time : evidence from stable isotopes of mammalian herbivores in the New World. Sewage and the ecology of the St.

    A/Professor Phil Robinson

    Lawrence River. A socio-ecological understanding of extreme heat vulnerability in Maricopa County, Arizona. On the spatial distribution of diapycnal mixing in the abyssal ocean: an empirical study. Ecophysiological characteristics of the Baltic sea N2-fixing cyanobacteria Aphanizomenon and Nodularia. Methane as a source of carbon and energy for chironomid larvae. Characterization of the Biological Activity Center of the Gulf of Ulloa, Mexico, under an ecological modelling context.

    Thesis in the Maritime History Research Collection

    Quantifying methane emissions from reservoirs: From basin-scale to discrete analyses with a focus on ebullition dynamics. Population dynamics and ecology of the red tide dinoflagellate, Noctiluca Scintillans. Pelagic cold ocean microbial dynamics and small-scale turbulence interactions with special reference to bacteria.

    Factors affecting community structure of mangroves associated with point bars and islands in a costa rican estuary. Tree seedling dynamics and drought in Bornean rain forests. Fine-scale strata formation in biologically and physically dominated estuarine systems within the lower Chesapeake Bay and York River subestuary.

    Aliens in paradise: A comparative assessment of introduced and native mangrove benthic community composition, food-web structure, and litter-fall production. Evaluating and understanding the role of convective processes in general circulation model simulations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. Optimal pricing on road transport and private car ownership - with a case study of China. Department of Economics, Monash University Australia , pp. Clumped isotope thermometry and its application to Earth's history.

    The effects of ecosystem configuration on nutrient dynamics in a Sonoran desert stream ecosystem. Local knowledge and livelihood sustainability under environmental change in northern Ghana. Investigating how ecology and demography affect primate folivore biomass in the Western Amazon. Robust adaptation decisions amid climate change uncertainties. Phytoplankton responses as indicators of exposure to toxicants. Understanding climate impacts on Mexican rainfed maize. Evaluation and Assessment of local environmental vegetation indices of forest using remote sensing data.

    Department of bioenvironment science, Tottori University Japan , pp. Long-term trends of selected weather parameters at major cities of India. Department of Geography, University of Pune India , pp.