Choosing a thesis supervisor

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How to Find a Thesis Supervisor

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Advice on Selecting a Prospective Thesis Supervisor « The Art of Scientific Communication

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How often? About funding your planned studies Adequate funding for the entire duration of your studies is an important success factor, especially if you plan to study full time.

Are there opportunities for collaborating with partners laboratories, universities, industry? About workspaces, equipment and materials Will you have a work space office at your disposal? Will you have access to the equipment and facilities required for your project? Will you have access to the required supplies, materials and human resources technicians?

How to Choose Your Supervisor and Sail Happily Through Your PhD

Does the professor have a budget to assume certain research costs supplies, travel, etc. To what extent can you use the laboratory facilities? What will your role and status be within the team or the laboratory?

Does the professor have ongoing projects with industrial partners?